In June 2020, in the midst of the COVID19 Pandemic and the Uprisings in Defense of Black Lives, I was interviewed along with other creatives, healers and change agents for Ari Kuschinir’s digital series, “Together”: 

the word together

Work and Restless is a podcast featuring conversations about politics, culture and society from the perspective of two guys


Stephanie Ghoston Paul’s “Take Nothing When I Die” podcast celebrates and amplifies the wisdom of people who’ve managed seemingly unrelated multiple careers in one lifetime. It elicits doses genius from entrepreneurs and experts in the tech, matchmaking, entertainment, social impact, branding, fitness, creative, beauty, and wellness industries. Last March, she welcomed me into her studio […]


In December 2019, a specially curated team from Weekes In Advance Enterprises served as Lead Designers, Facilitators and Visual Facilitators for Auburn Seminary’s “Mountaintop” Convening  — an invitation-only gathering for social movement leaders and practitioners of faith, spirit and moral courage to reflect on the quality of our relationships (with spirit, ourSelves and each other) […]


On a crisp Autumn day in my native hometown of New York City, I was honored to facilitate a day-long, inaugural, convening for a global group of change agents from around the globe. This diverse and distinguished group came together under the banner of the “Guild of Future Architects”.  Here’s one participant’s account of that […]


This was my first podcast interview! And it was a deep dive into a lot of what inspires and animates my work — it’s a conversation that traces many contours of my life and influences – biographical, theological, political, creative, and spiritual. Marthame Sanders is one of the best at the podcast game and a […]